Psychedelic Music in San Francisco : Style, Context, and Evolution

A book version of Craig’s Ph.D. thesis on San Francisco psychedelic rock, from its origins and development in the 1960s to its decline and later revival.

American Popular Music : Rock and Roll - book

Craig wrote the A (Allman Brothers) to Z (Frank Zappa) of rock and roll in this volume. There are over 300 pages and 60 photos.

Launching the Rockabilly Book in Memphis

When my rockabilly book came out, I went to Memphis to launch it and met again some of the musicians I had interviewed years earlier. And had some more adventures...

Go Cat Go ! Rockabilly Music and Its Makers - book

Discover the exciting music that Elvis Presley started in Memphis in the 1950s, and is still a vital force around the world ! "A definitive study of rockabilly music. This book is a gem !"



Interviews - 1950s and 1960s rock and roll acts

Interviews - 1960s and 1970s Musicians in the Psychedelic Era

Interviews - 1960s Musicians of the British Invasion Era

Interviews - Pop Rock Acts and Producers

Interviews with Jazz Musicians

Interviews with Musicians That Recorded for Sun Records, Memphis

Interviews with Roots Musicians (Blues, R&B, Folk, Country)

Liner Notes

Lyrics from old records

Record Collecting


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