Craig Morrison & The Momentz : roots rock band

This Montreal band formed in 1985

- Craig Morrison : vocals, electric guitar, keyboards
- Alex Nesrallah : vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
- Ryan Fleury : vocals, electric bass, acoustic bass
- Gary Sharkey : vocals, drums

Band recordings :

Roots, Rockin’, Rollin’ : Live in Montreal 1988-2011

Blowing In the Wind : A Tribute to Bob Dylan and his Musical World

Stand By Me : Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Motown and Soul

That’ll Be the Day : Buddy Holly and Friends Remembered

Live at the Oscar

Rocket Radio

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with guests at the 9th annual show, 2006
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Craig, Momentz, and guests - on stage 2006.


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The Momentz in 1986 : Rod Booth, Steve Leblanc, Pierre Gauthier, Craig, Claudette Blouin
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Pierre Gauthier, Steve Leblanc (Steve Solo), Guy Labelle, Craig

Craig’s notable Momentz alumni members have included :

- background vocals : Marianne Brousseau, Bet.e
- violin : Rod Booth, Gilles Losier
- keyboards : Claudette Blouin, Gilles Losier, Bob Stagg, John McDiarmid
- saxophone : Jeff Taylor, Chris Savage, Richard Welsh
- guitar : Jeff Taylor, Gary Farrell
- bass : Steve Leblanc (Steve Solo), Guy Labelle, Ray Farquhar, Paul Lifsches, Bill Gossage, Lloyd Dallaire, Darren Lindsay Pugh, Stuart Patterson
- drums : Pierre Gauthier, Greg Smith, Robert Harris, Ryan Gassi

is an ethnomusicologist, teacher, author, and musician
based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
7 Nights Music Communications, 2006