American Popular Music : Rock and Roll - book


Craig wrote the A (Allman Brothers) to Z (Frank Zappa) of rock and roll in this volume. There are over 300 pages and 60 photos. Published November 2005.

Paperback edition published November 2006.

Rock and Roll is one of the 7 volumes in the American Popular Music set produced by Facts on File, the respected New York publisher of reference books.

I have no more copies at the moment but it is available on the web. For the paperback edition at Amazon, click here :

Film maker Steven Morris writes : “As samples I’ve read the CCR, heavy metal, Led Zeppelin, and KISS sections. The writing is crisp, entertaining, and wry. Every word is weighted as to not be extraneous, redundant, superficial, or too much. Yet at the same time you’ve been obliged, by your personal professional code, and the editor’s, to be as thorough as possible and have your facts right. No mean task, but you’ve pulled it off. You’ve slipped your style and humour into the gorgeous content. All the difficulty of the writing of it has been rewarded by a beautiful job well done. There it stands proudly beside its rockabilly cousin. A noble accomplishment !”

Marc Mencher of Mencher Music Management and Booking, writes : "My son and I read American Popular Music : Rock and Roll through the summer. We loved it ! We keep it in the living room here where it is accessible !"

from the website :
This book presents a complete history of rock and roll music from its earliest days to the present. Rock and roll traces its roots to the music of the early 20th century. Its infectious sound, characterized by catchy guitar rhythms, a strong beat, and youthful lyrics, sparked a musical revolution beloved by the young and initially scorned by many adults. The emergence of rock and roll signaled a monumental change in popular music, and as rock grew, it assimilated a vast range of influences, including country, folk, jazz, gospel, and international styles, to become one of the most dynamic musical genres of contemporary times. "American Popular Music : Rock and Roll" explores the history of this musical genre as it took the United States by storm.

more comments from readers :

"I am reading your book for the third time. I read a bit at breakfast everyday. There are so many facts in there it takes many reads to grasp them all. Very well written too Craig." - Derek W, Medicine Hat, Alberta

"Tight and taut prose that delivers the crucial essentials all the while being individual in its tone and content." - Robert N, Toronto

is an ethnomusicologist, teacher, author, and musician
based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
7 Nights Music Communications, 2006