Upcoming Events

MAY 28 to JUNE 18 (all Tuesdays)
Craig’s 4-week course Let the Good Times Roll: Music from New Orleans,
Cummings Centre.

MAY 31 (Friday) Vintage Wine’s Rock & Roll Dance Party, Wheel Club, Second set theme: Buddy Holly & Friends Remembered. 8pm start, $15.

JUNE 28 (Friday)
Vintage Wine Rock & Roll Dance Party, Wheel Club, Annual “All Dressed/ All Request” night – get a free pizza slice (all dressed or veggie), and we play your requests. 8pm start, $15.

JULY 1 (Monday)
Vintage Wine plays a free evening outdoor show in Cote St Luc.

AUGUST 10 (Saturday)
Vintage Wine & Samantha Borgal perform I Want to Hold Your Hand: the 60th Anniversary of the British Invasion at the Piggery Theatre, North Hatley.

OCTOBER 8 to NOVEMBER 12 (all Tuesdays 2pm to 4pm)
Craig’s 6-week course on The British Invasion, Cummings Centre.

OCTOBER 26 (Saturday)
Craig & Samantha (The Musical Memories) perform two sets at the Unitarian Church in NDG, starting at 7:30pm.

My Music

Listen to selections from Vintage Wine’s Rock & Roll Dance Party CD!

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Books and other writing, including liner notes to CDs and a DVD.

Recent Interview

A 2024 interview ahead of the Annual Roots of Rock & Roll Concert.